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Property Management

Andaman Realty Management Group employs its’ own full-time staff to fulfill our general task obligations within the estate.
This enables us to:

  • ensure that only fully competent personnel are employed within the estate
  • Monitor staff performance
  • quickly provide additional staff resources in cases of urgency
  • monitor quality control
  • A number of specialist services are contracted-out as:
    servicing of fire equipment
    pest control services
    accounting & auditing (an independent annual auditor may be included)
    Services that are contracted-out are charged at cost to the client.

Our officer staff and onsite management team work closely together to ensure trouble free management of the property. We are
available for consultation at all times and prepare quarterly written reports on the estate management in addition to situation
reports from time to time, as necessary.
We also recommend regular management meetings with the property owners, at which we review progress, present recommendations and take instructions.A manager, who is supported by the head office team, undertakes the day-to-day management of the property.
The manager and head office team are responsible for the recruitment, training and control of on-site staff.
An area supervisor conducts, regular inspections of the property, and consultations with the manager, to ensure that the on-site
staff are carrying out their duties in a proper manner. There are also regular reviews with the head office team to identify any
day-to-day operational problems.The key to successful management of any property is the quality of staff employed on site.
It is essential that the staff is able to create and maintain close working relationships with the owners and occupiers of the
property and with contractors, suppliers and other staff. The performance of all on-site staff is monitored on an ongoing basis by the head office team.